Marcio da Silva                                                                                                     Grange Choral Society, Ensemble OrQuesta  
Conductor  | Stage Director | Baritone                                                   Hastings Philharmonic Choir, Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra

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"Marcio da Silva certainly brings the best out of the choir. His exuberant conducting style cannot fail to enthuse and carry everyone with him. It was apparent that he knows this work very well as his score sat unmoved from the opening page on the music stand at floor level, way out of reach from his raised position!" - Larks reviews - Hastings Philharmonic Choir (11/04/2015)

 "...the Society’s conductor Marcio da Silva is to be applauded for continuing to take them into some of the lesser-known reaches of the choral repertoire." - Darek Baldwin - Grange Choral Society (17/01/2015)

"Marcio da Silva has made a real impact on the musical life of Hastings and his choice of works was vindicated last night not only in the high quality he creates but the very large audience he attracts. Long may it continue!" - Larks reviews - Hastings Philharmonic Choir (15/11/2014)

"Congratulations to Marcio da Silva for taking the Society into slightly new territory, and giving their regular audience so much pleasure." - Darek Baldwin - Grange Choral Society (12/07/2014)

"In the 15 months since Márcio da Silva was appointed as the choir’s conductor his  work to  improve their  “projection” is  clearly  paying dividends."

"The enthusiastic response at the end clearly indicated that in his brief time as conductor Marcio da Silva has won the affections of singers, instrumentalists and audience. This bodes well for the Society’s future." - Darek Baldwin - Grange Choral Society (10/04/2013)